2019 Jackpot
  • 1st:  $696
  • 2nd:  $290
  • 3rd:  $174
July 9, 2019    Ross Perot

Henry, a Texas boy, worked for IBM after his Navy service in WWII. He moved on up with Electronic Data Systems, etc., and got political to help find missing Vietnam servicemen. Ross ran for president in 1992 as an independent, more successfully than any third-party candidate in history, then formed the Reform Party. He's the originator of the term "giant sucking sound."

Dead of leukemia.

10,000 points to team #15

July 9, 2019    Rip Torn

Elmore's real last name was Torn. He was known most recently for his role as "Artie" on The Larry Sanders Show and won an Emmy in 1996. But Rip had been on film since 1956, introducing his cousin Sissy Spacek to Hollywood. (Thanks!) Rip's chef dad, Elmore Sr., helped to promote black-eyed peas as a New Year's dish.

Dead of undisclosed causes.

10,000 points to team #2

July 8, 2019    Maggie Kidd

Maggie spent her very long life in Georgia, where she farmed with her family. Her birthdate hasn't been validated, so her claim to being "official" on the U.S. longest-lived list is still in dispute, and maybe that's why she garnered no qualifying obits. Nonetheless, Maggie was the oldest living Georgian and the oldest African American when she died.


Dead of ancientness.

0 points to teams #30, #31, #43

July 7, 2019    Sutopo Purwo Nugroho

Sutopo earned his 3 university degrees in Indonesia, including a PhD in hydrology. He became head of Indonesia's National Board of Disaster Management's PR division in 2010, but as a scientist, he predicted dam failures and other catastrophes. Hope he didn't live to hear about Indonesia's capitol moving from Jakarta due to rising sea water, etc.


Dead of lung cancer.

10,000 points to team #33

July 3, 2019    Arte Johnson

Probably the sole reason Michiganian Arthur is a scoring death on C4C is the TV variety show Laugh-In. He's the dirty old man - Tyrone F. Horneigh - who kept trying to hit on Ruth Buzzi's character, and the Nazi who popped up saying "verrrry interesting." Otherwise, Arte acted/voice-acted in many other series and performed numerous audio books.

Dead of bladder and prostate cancer.

10,000 points to team #12

July 2, 2019    Lee Iacocca

Lido was born in Allentown, PA, somehow managing to escape WWII conscription. He studied engineering, plastics, and politics to become an engineer at Ford. (Including association with the exploding Pinto.) Lee moved to Chrysler and negotiated a loan guarantee from the U.S. To paraphrase Lee: "if you can find a better corpse, buy it" - unfortunately, that wouldn't pass C4C's Rules.


Dead of complications of Parkinson's disease.

6,500 points to teams #45, #48

July 1, 2019    Sid Ramin

Sid was a Boston boy whose childhood friend was a kid named Leonard Bernstein. After WWII, Sid went into orchestrating and composing for everything from TV commercials ("Charlie" perfume) to TV to Broadway. He and Lennie got together to work on a flick called West Side Story, which brought them Oscars. Sid won an Emmy and a Grammy, too.

Dead of natural causes.

5,000 points to teams #11, #23, #33

June 26, 2019    Beth Chapman

Alice spent most of her life in Colorado and worked in nightclubs until heading to Hawaii, where she met her future husband, Duane Chapman. Together, they raised 12 kids and starred in various reality TV programs. Dog the Bounty Hunter was the big one, running for 9 seasons. Beth was president of the U.S. bail bond association.

Dead of throat cancer.

2,000 points to teams #9, #17, #41, #43, #45, #48, #49

June 23, 2019    Dave Bartholomew

Davis was a Louisiana boy who remained faithful. He was talented early with the tuba and trumpet, playing in New Orleans' jazz and brass bands. After serving in WWII, Dave's band was successful on the R&B charts. He then became a producer and composer ("My Ding-a-Ling") for others, including late C4C fave Fats Domino. Thanks, dude!

Dead of heart failure.

6,500 points to teams #13, #24

June 23, 2019    George Rosenkranz

Gyorgy was born in Hungary but fled to Cuba during WWII. Then he moved to Mexico, where he led the effort to synthesize hormones, contributing greatly to the birth control pill. George was a star bridge player and wrote numerous books on playing. His wife, Edith, was kidnapped and held for ransom during a U.S. tournament (it turned out okay).

Dead of exhaustion, probably.

6,500 points to teams #13, #50

June 18, 2019    Maria Giuseppa Robucci

Maria is recorded as the second-longest living Italian. She married in 1928 and had 5 kids. The husband died in 1982, and Maria just kept going. She attributed her longevity to God, not drinking alcohol, good nutrition, and being positive. Maria was the oldest living person in Italy for almost 11 months.

Dead of ancientism.

10,000 points to team #44

June 17, 2019    Gloria Vanderbilt

Gloria was born with the proverbial silver spoon, and she leveraged that for all she could. She was married 4 times and had a number of prominent lovers (including Roald Dahl!). Gloria was THE name for jeans in the 1980s. But she had her share of tragedy, too. If you haven't seen Nothing Left Unsaid, with her son Anderson Cooper, check it out. And Anderson - all our condolences. 


Dead of stomach cancer.

3,500 points to teams #23, #40, #46, #50

June 15, 2019    Franco Zeffirelli

Franco was born in what they used to call illegitimacy. His mother wanted to name him Zeffiretti, after the wind, but typos ruined that. He's known for his romantic adaptations of Shakespeare and also for while his female leads became successful, the males often left the film industry. Oh, and he wasn't harmed after being molested by his priest in his youth.

Dead of natural causes, apparently.

10,000 points to team #44

June 13, 2019    Pat Bowlen

Pat's, a Wisconsin kid, daddy became a millionaire in Canadian oil. Pat himself got rich through law. He became a partial owner of the Denver Broncos' franchise in 1999. By 2010. though, Pat couldn't make decisions regarding the team, and by 2014, he had to quit entirely.

Dead of complications of Alzheimer's disease.

2,000 points to teams #9, #32, #44, #49, #50

June 13, 2019    Anne Hamilton-Byrne

This is just nasty.... So Anne and her husband adopted children, imprisoned and starved them, and gave them LSD. She got started in 1962 and harmed countless lives. The couple beat the kids and confused them by linking yoga, drugs, and Eastern mysticism with Christianity. Lots of middle-class professionals joined the cult, too.

Dead of dementia-related causes.

10,000 points to team #30

June 12, 2019    Sylvia Miles

Sylvia.... Well, Sylvia is something of an enigma. She came from New York City and was twice nominated for Academy Awards (Midnight Cowboy and Farewell, My Lovely.) Sylvia was known as a party girl, but she maintained a presence in film from 1960 to 2010. Sylvia married 3 times and divorced 3 times.

Dead of complications after anemia and respiratory issues.

6,500 points to teams #14, #22

June 7, 2019    Artur Brauner

Artur produced more than 300 movies from 1946 to 2019, winning one Oscar and a Golden Globe, plus many German film awards. Prior to that, he survived the Holocaust. Once, when Nazis were about to grab him, Artur remembered a Gary Cooper film and copied Gary's moves to escape. His daughter now runs his production company.

Dead of centenarianism.

10,000 points to team #35

June 5, 2019    Ellen "Dolly" Gibb

Dolly lived with her 79-year-old daughter in assisted living for the last year of her life. She loved "Wheel of Fortune" and "Jeopardy," knitting, and butter. We can get on board with that (well, maybe not "Wheel of Fortune"...). Dolly was born in Winnipeg and married for more than 40 years and 2 kids.

Dead of the curse of the Oldest Living.

3,500 points to teams #4, #10, #24, #43

May 30, 2019    Frank Lucas

Frank, a North Carolina kid, said he became a criminal due to his 12-year-old cousin's murder by the KKK for looking at a White woman. He moved to NYC and eventually became a drug trafficker, specializing in heroin, allegedly smuggling in dead U.S. soldiers coffins from Vietnam. Denzel Washington portrayed Frank in American Gangster.

Dead of natural causes.

10,000 points to team #34

May 30, 2019    Leon Redbone

Dickran was born in Cyprus to Armenian parents and lived in England and Canada by the age of 18. Bob Dylan was instrumental in promoting his career. Leon performed jazz and blues and created a Tin Pan Alley persona, including a Panama hat, white suit, and dark sunglasses. He was active on PBS shows for kids and TV ads. 

Dead of complications from dementia.

6,500 points to teams #4, #58

May 26, 2019    Bart Starr

Bryan Bartlett Starr was given the perfect name. Though his college career at Alabama was iffy, in part due to a serious hazing injury, the Green Bay Packers drafted him in 1956. He was the only quarterback so far to have led 3 consecutive NFL championships. The NFL player of "outstanding character" now receives the Bart Starr Award.

Dead of failing health after a stroke.

5,000 points to teams #8, #49, #57

May 25, 2019    Claus von Bulow

Claus was a Copenhagen boy who moved into ultra-wealthy circles. He married Martha "Sunny" von Bulow, an extremely wealthy heiress, in 1966. She went into an insulin-induced, 28-year coma in 1980. Claus was acquitted of attempted murder. See Reversal of Fortune, in which Jeremy Irons won an Oscar for his portrayal of Claus. 


Dead of not-so-instant karma.

10,000 points to team #18

May 17, 2019    Herman Wouk

Herman may hold the record for the most years appearing on C4C's chart. He was from NYC, and WWII made him: He met his wife/literary agent Sarah (an Idaho girl who converted to Judaism for him) and wrote his first novel. Herman wrote the Pulitzer Prize-winning The Caine Mutiny and many popular others. His last book was published in 2016. 


Dead in his sleep.

2,000 points to teams #11, #27, #40, #42, #52, #53, #54, #57

May 16, 2019    Bob Hawke

Bob was born in South Australia and grew up in Western Australia, which made him the first Aussie prime minister to come from those regions. Bob set a world record for beer drinking, which he said contributed to his political success. He served as prime minister from 1983 to 1991.

Dead after deteriorating health.

6,500 points to teams #27, #30

May 16, 2019    I.M. Pei

Ieoh Ming brought us (after his birth into a wealthy family in Guangzhou and move to the U.S. in the 1930s) the pyramid above the Louvre and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. I.M. was a Harvard graduate in architecture, a Pritzker Prize winner, and a longtime C4C volunteer, and we'll miss him.


Dead of exhaustion, probably.

2,000 points to teams #5, #40, #42, #52, #54

May 15, 2019    Chuck Barksdale

Chuck came from Illinois and became known for his role in the Dells, who went from doo-wop (oh, please kill me now!) to jazz and soul. One hit was "Stay in My Corner" in 1968. The Dells were the inspiration for the movie The Five Heartbeats. Chuck sang bass, but he didn't get a qualifying C4C obit.

Dead after failing health.

0 points to team #27

May 14, 2019    Tim Conway

Thomas was born in Ohio, but changed his name to Tim to differentiate from Tom Conway (scoundrel). Tim became a comedian and writer for TV in Cleveland and then moved on to NYC. He's best known to most of us for his roles in The Carol Burnett Show, or maybe you know him as Dorf.

Dead of complications of normal pressure hydrocephalus.

2,000 points to teams #1, #9, #12, #17, #28, #29, #31, #37, #41

May 13, 2019    Doris Day

Doris came from Ohio and started as a big band singer and eventually went into movies and TV. Her cheery persona belied the 5 ugly marriages and her son's death from melanoma at 42. Doris founded the Doris Day Animal Foundation in 1978 (DDAF, if you want to donate; please do!), among several other animal rescue projects.

Dead of pneumonia.

5,000 points to teams #38, #41, #55

May 11, 2019    Robert D. Maxwell

Bob was in eastern France in WWII when a grenade landed near him. He jumped on it to save his comrades. In doing so, he lost part of a foot and got lots of shrapnel in return. Then he got Silver Star for other valiant acts. Bob spent his career as an automotive mechanics teacher. Hope those kids appreciated him.

Dead of old age.

6,500 points to teams #11, #33

May 5, 2019    Norma Miller

A Harlem girl, Norma knew she wanted to be a dancer from the start. She had so much talent that she was hospitalized for fatigue at 17. Norma knew and performed with everybody who was anybody from the 1940s through the mid-'70s, despite that devil segregation. She worked until she was 98.

Dead of congestive heart failure.

10,000 points to team #23

April 30, 2019    Peter Mayhew

Peter was born in Surrey with Marfan syndrome, a connective tissue disorder. He grew to 7 ft, 3 in. tall, and his first acting gig came when producers were looking for men with large feet. Not surprisingly, Pete easily won the role of Chewbacca in Star Wars. He also wrote 2 books for kids on bullying. 

Dead of a heart attack.

10,000 points to team #2

April 23, 2019    Henry Bloch

Hank opened a bookkeeping store in his native Kansas City, Mo., after he served in WWII. He and his brother Dick nearly went broke until a newspaper ad salesman suggested they focus on taxes instead. That was in 1955, and they made a fortune, despite Hank's claim that he hated his college accounting class. 

Dead of failing health.

5,000 points to teams #18, #24, #57

April 22, 2019    Le Duc Anh

Le Duc was career army, starting in 1945. He became a commander in Mekong Delta in 1969, leading North Vietnamese forces supporting communism. General Anh took down the Khmer Rouge in the '80s and became president in 1992. He worked to normalize relations with the U.S. and was the first Vietnamese president to visit the U.S.

Dead of undisclosed causes.

3,500 points to teams #10, #22, #29, #50

April 18, 2019    Lorraine Warren

Lorraine and her husband, Ed, were among the first ghost hunters, founding the New England Society for Psychic Research in 1952. They brought us the "true" stories behind movies such as The Amityville Horror and The Conjuring. A few skeptics, though, charged Lorraine and Ed with making it all up. Party poopers. 

Dead in her sleep.

10,000 points to team #6

April 16, 2019    Fay McKenzie

Find somebody who can equal this: Fay's acting career started in 1918 and ended in 2018! (Okay, technically she didn't act at 10 months, but still.) Fay appeared in movies and on stage. She was most recognized for her 5 singing cowboy movies with Gene Autry. They also entertained WWII troops together.


Dead of natural causes.

5,000 points to teams #21, #23, #30

April 12, 2019    Forrest Gregg

Alvis grew up in Texas, where he was an offensive lineman for Southern Methodist University. He played in the NFL for the Green Bay Packers for 15 seasons when the team won 5 championships. After that, Forrest coached at SMU and then in the CFL. Vince Lombardi called him the "finest player" he ever coached.

Dead of complications of Parkinson's disease.

6,500 points to teams #10, #35

April 9, 2019    Richard Cole

Dick joined the Air Force in 1940 and earned his wings in 1941. He was in the right place, right time to co-pilot the bombing raid on Japan in retaliation for Pearl Harbor. After Dick retired as a career AF officer (with many medals), he grew citrus in Texas. He's the last of the 80 Doolittle Raiders.

Dead of ancientism.

3,500 points to teams #10, #21, #34, #44

April 9, 2019    Charles Van Doren

Born to New York intellectuals, Charles earned three college degrees after WWII. Things were swell until he went on the TV quiz show Twenty-One - he became a celebrity who won $1 million-plus in 2019 dollars. But when Congress investigated quiz shows, Charles admitted that his performance was a fraud, losing his job at Columbia University. Oops.

Dead of old age.

10,000 points to team #16

April 6, 2019    Ernest "Fritz" Hollings

Fritz spent his whole life, except for WWII, in South Carolina until he was elected to the U.S. Senate in 1966. He stayed there for 38 years, which makes him the eighth longest-serving senator in history. Fritz started out as a segregationist but changed his attitudes in the 1960s. Somebody had to counterbalance Strom Thurmond....

Dead after failing health.

5,000 points to teams #15, #22, #57

March 28, 2019    Maury Laws

Maury's composing largely consisted of musical scores for animated TV shows, many of which were Christmas specials. For instance, his first credit was Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer in 1964. Maury seems to have pretty much retired 30 years ago, which may be why he didn't get a qualifying obituary.

Dead of obscurity.

0 points to team #1

March 15, 2019    W. S. Merwin

William is maybe the most enviable guy ever memorialized on C4C. He was U.S. poet laureate in 2010, having won the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry in 1971 and 2009. He hung with Sylvia Plath in London and knew Robert Graves in Majorca. William and his third wife moved to Hawaii in 1975, where they founded an environmental foundation.


Dead in his sleep.

10,000 points to team #16

March 14, 2019    Nancy Gates

A Texas girl, Nancy had a radio show as an adolescent. She got into the movie business at 15 and co-starred in many Westerns as the love interest. In her late 20s, she fell off the A-list and eventually retired in 1969. Unfortunately, Nancy also faded from news media memory - no qualifying obits.

Dead of old age.

0 points to team #20

March 11, 2019    Hal Blaine

Harold started playing drums at 8 years old and got his professional start in Chicago strip clubs, which was probably educational in more ways than one. Hal's most associated with the Wall of Sound on "Be My Baby" by the Ronettes, but he played on 6,000 singles due to his association with producer/murderer Phil Spector.


Dead of natural causes.

10,000 points to team #35

March 6, 2019    Carolee Schneemann

Carolee was performance artist who made films and other visual pieces. She used her body - nude, having sex, kissing cats - to make the point that American culture is "sex negative." In one show, she pulled a scroll out of her vagina and read a feminist writing from it (the scroll, that is).

Dead of breast cancer.

10,000 points to team #6

March 2, 2019    Ogden Reid

Brownie was born to a wealthy family. After WWII, he became publisher of an NYC newspaper. When it folded, Ogden was named ambassador to Israel in 1959. Then he became a Republican politician. Then he became a Democrat politician. Ogden was active in promoting voting rights and environmental protection.

Dead of old age.

10,000 points to team #32

March 1, 2019    Mike Willessee

The son of a politician, Mike became a pushy interviewer on current affairs programs. He was notorious in Australia for his risky conduct on air, such as interviewing two kids while they were being held hostage, and best known in the U.S. for his 1998 documentary on stigmata.

Dead of throat cancer.

10,000 points to team #27

February 27, 2019    Edward Nixon

Ed was 17 years younger than Richard (aka "Tricky Dick") and looked to him as something of a father or uncle figure. Ed was active in the U.S. Navy and became a prominent geologist afterward, becoming a government advisor on energy policies. He also wrote a biography of the Nixons in his latter years.

Dead of ancientness.

10,000 points to team #4

February 27, 2019    Henry Tseng

Henry was a successful businessman in East Asia before immigrating to the U.S. in 1975, apparently for his retirement. He maintained a Rotary International membership for 42 years. Henry was still working out at the YMCA until 9 days before he died. He was the U.S.'s oldest man from December 2018 till his death.

Dead of the curse of the Oldest Living.

10,000 points to team #31

February 24, 2019    Mac Wiseman

Malcolm, a Virginia kid, suffered from polio early on and spent much time listening to the radio. It must have worked, because he went on to play with Bill Monroe and other bluegrass legends after getting his start as a radio disc jockey. Mac helped found the Country Music Association and worked with the biggies there. 

Dead of kidney failure.

10,000 points to team #7

February 23, 2019    Katherine Helmond

If you don't love Katherine, well, there may be something wrong with you.... She was best known for TV's Soap and Who's the Boss?, both of which she won Golden Globe Awards for. Katherine was active on stage and in a few films. She and her husband were longtime Zen students.

Dead of complications of Alzheimer's.

10,000 points to team #5

February 22, 2019    Josephine Mandamin

Biidasige, based in Ontario, emphasized that women are "carriers of the water," which led to her co-founding of Mother Earth Water Walk. Jo walked the shores of all 5 Great Lakes, or nearly 11,000 miles, to raise awareness of the importance of clean water. She left behind many prominent awards, 8 kids, and many other descendants.

Dead of exhaustion, probably.

10,000 points to team #29

February 22, 2019    Morgan Woodward

As a Texan, it's probably no surprise that Morgan's most recognizable from his roles in TV Westerns, most notably Gunsmoke and Dallas (okay, arguably not a Western, but he got to wear a hat). Morgan was also the "man with no eyes" in Cool Hand Luke.

Dead of old age.

10,000 points to team #33

February 21, 2019    Stanley Donen

It had to have been really hard to be a Jewish kid in South Carolina prior to WWII, but Stan survived thanks in part to Fred and Ginger. Stan went on to direct some of the biggest movie musicals: Singin' in the Rain, On the Town, etc. He found time to marry 5 times, though.

Dead of heart failure.

6,500 points to teams #6, #25

February 21, 2019    Duke

Duke was a Great Pyrenees in Cormarant Village, Minnesota, when elected as its dog mayor in 2014. He was re-elected several times, serving as the village's ambassador to the public. Duke was a handsome boy and a good boy. Good boy!                                                       

Dead after failing health.

10,000 points to team #44

February 20, 2019    Fred Foster

Rural North Carolina's Fred wanted out of farming, so he started writing songs. Eventually he specialized in country music production and brought us Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson, Roy Orbison, and Kris Kristofferson, among others.  Fred founded Monument Records. Thanks, man!

Dead after a short illness.

10,000 points to team #7

February 19, 2019    Don Newcombe

Newk, a New Jersey kid, was the first Cy Young Award winner. He pitched in the Negro National League, then became a Dodger in 1946 with Roy Campanella and Jackie Robinson. Despite much success, Newk's apparently not a Hall of Famer, maybe due to the alcoholism he later overcame.

Dead after a long illness.

10,000 points to team #29

February 17, 2019    Robert Wiener

Dr. Bob was an oral surgeon in Quebec. He was married for 72 years and outlived his wife and some of their children. His older brother lived to nearly 110, too. When Bob died, he was the oldest living man in Canada. His advice on longevity: "Keep busy, busy, busy."
Dead of the curse of the oldest living.

10,000 points to team #43

February 12, 2019    Betty Ballantine

Elizabeth and her husband, Ian, made books much more affordable for Americans through their Bantam Books and Ballantine Books houses. They're credited with expanding the U.S. market for science fiction, especially - bringing J.R.R. Tolkien's work here, among others, and publishing Ray Bradbury. Betty edited manuscripts and published her own fantasy novel.

Dead of ancientism.

10,000 points to team #24

February 12, 2019    Lyndon LaRouche

Lyndon ran for president in every election from 1976 to 2004. He transformed from a left-wing labor supporter to an anti-Semite and racist. Thought Queen Elizabeth II was trying to kill him. Lyndon warned "sex, drugs, rock 'n' roll ... environmentalism and quantum theory" (but definitely not climate change) were would bring down civilization.

Dead of hardcore paranoia.

3,500 points to teams #15, #22, #40, #45

February 10, 2019    Jan-Michael Vincent

For two decades from the mid-1960s, Jan was a hot commodity. And we do mean hot. His big film roles were in The World's Greatest Athlete and Big Wednesday, which led to starring in TV's Airwolf. But Jan couldn't resist the demon rum and other drugs. He died physically broken and in big debt.

Dead of cardiac arrest.

10,000 points to team #12

February 8, 2019    Walter Munk

Walter came from Vienna and emigrated to the U.S. at 14. He studied ocean waves until serving in the Army in WWII. Walt's service was cut short to employ his expertise for the D-Day landings. He was an early warner of global warming. Walt's third marriage started when he was 93.

Dead of pneumonia.

6,500 points to teams #10, #35

February 7, 2019    John Dingell

Many of John's obits focused on his Twitter feed, which suggests his personality went far beyond being the longest-serving U.S. Congressman ever (59 years, people!). He was a House page when FDR announced the bombing of Pearl Harbor and was slated to go into Japan before Truman deployed atomic bombs. Just wow.

Dead of prostate cancer.

10,000 points to team #15

February 7, 2019    Albert Finney

Al was a wayward lad who found solace in acting. He worked with Olivier, Laughton, and Lanchester (look it up; they're the best). His Oscar nominations ranged from 1963 to 2000, though he never won. Al refused honors from the British royalty such as a knighthood or CBE due to their "snobbery."                                                      

Dead of a chest infection.

6,500 points to teams #14, #38

February 6, 2019    Paul Dewar

Paul's mom was mayor of Ottawa, so no surprise he went into politics. First, though, he was a teacher who won an award for work with special needs students after struggling with dyslexia himself. He was a New Democratic Party MP in the early 2000s despite his lack of French fluency.  

Dead of glioblastoma (yes, same as John McCain).

6,500 points to teams #1, #43

February 3, 2019    Julie Adams

A former Miss Little Rock, Betty appeared in many movies prior to The Creature From the Black Lagoon, but that's the role her obits cited - as she predicted. Her career spanned 60 years in TV appearances, frequently in Murder, She Wrote. Julie was Jimmy Stewart's wife in his eponymously named TV series (sigh).

Dead of undisclosed causes.

6,500 points to teams #25, #38

January 31, 2019    Harold Bradley

Harold was born and died in Nashville. After serving in WWII, he played guitar on studio recordings for Patsy Cline, Elvis, Hank Williams - all the country music royalty - in 67 years. Harold was a big deal himself, despite his nickname "Tic Tac," which seems rather belittling. Bless his heart.

Dead of undisclosed causes.

10,000 points to team #7

January 30, 2019    Dick Miller

Richard was a Bronx boy who moved to Hollywood as soon as he hit 20 to be a screenwriter, but that didn't work out too well. Fortunately, director Roger Corman saw potential in Dick, and his major role was Corman's Bucket of Blood, followed by many others.

Dead of after a heart attack, with congestive heart failure and pneumonia.

10,000 points to team #2

January 25, 2019    Fatima Ali

Fatima emigrated from Pakistan to the U.S. at 18 to attend the Culinary Institute of America. She worked in NYC in various sous chef roles after graduation, then popularly appeared on the Food Network's competitive programs. A year ago, she was declared cancer-free, but no such luck.

Dead of Ewing's sarcoma, a bone cancer.

6,500 points to teams #17, #29

January 25, 2019    Florence Knoll

"Shu," as she was known due to her maiden surname of Schust, was fascinated with modern architecture early on. She designed furniture and worked with van der Rohe, Saarinen, and Eames. Most of Florence's work went into designing modern office spaces. She was clearly a rock star.                                                      

Dead of ancientness.

6,500 points to teams #17, #21

January 23, 2019    Diana Athill

Born during a zeppelin raid over London in WWI, Diana's life never slowed down. She worked with the top authors in British publishing in mid-century, then published several memoirs - including describing the enlightenment of her fiancĂ© at age 15, and a slew of lovers who came after. 

Dead of exhaustion, apparently.

5,000 points to teams #20, #36, #55

January 21, 2019    Kaye Ballard

Catherine was the daughter of Italian immigrants. She got started as an entertainer in her teens and continued until retiring at 89, working nonstop, it seems, mostly in musical theatre and TV. In sitcoms, Kaye was often typecast as a loud Italian housewife.

Dead of kidney cancer.

6,500 points to teams #55, #58

January 21, 2019    Maxine Brown

Ella Maxine and brother Jim Ed started singing together in rural Arkansas. Their big hit was "Looking Back to See" (if you were looking back to see if I was looking back to see...) in 1954, then became The Browns when younger sister Bonnie joined. 

Dead of complications of heart and kidney disease.

10,000 points to team #43

January 20, 2019    Masazo Nonaka

Masazo managed to hold onto the title of world's oldest living man for 355 days. He was Japan's oldest living man for 2-plus years. Masazo ran his family's hot springs and credited his longevity to relaxing in it and to eating sweets. Other than WWII, not a bad gig.

Dead of natural causes.

5,000 points to teams #10, #24, #43

January 19, 2019    Nathan Glazer

Nate was born in NYC and spent his life studying urbanity. Most famous for stressing that the "melting pot" was the wrong frame for looking at U.S. society, he was a vocal academic at Harvard. Nate was criticized as too conservative by some and not conservative enough by others.

Dead of old age.

10,000 points to team #18

January 19, 2019    Muriel Pavlow

Muriel was petite - we love that IMDb states she was 5 foot and one-quarter inches tall - and often cast as a love interest in British theatre and film. She spent a great deal of her 70-year career on TV. Unfortunately, none of this was enough to garner her a qualifying obit for C4C. Hence the late notice of her demise.

Dead of ancientness.

0 points to team #20

January 16, 2019    Gerard Basset

Gerard came from Lyon to England with little English and became a dishwasher at a fancy restaurant. Soon Gerard learned to speak the language of wine, earning a butt-load of degrees in knowing about wine and was named the world's best. He developed the Hotel de Vin chain.                                                        

Dead of esophageal cancer.

6,500 points to teams #17, #30

January 15, 2019    Carol Channing

Well, hellooo, Carol! A longtime C4C fave, Carol could apparently do anything well, entertainment-wise. She was a big star on Broadway in the 1950s and '60s, and she was the first celebrity to perform at a Super Bowl halftime show. Carol was active in entertainment, etc., until her mid-90s.

Dead of natural causes.

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January 13, 2019    Mel Stottlemyre

Mel came from Washington state and pitched his entire 11-year MLB career for the NY Yankees. A frequent All-Star, he could hit as well as pitch. After retirement, Mel coached for Seattle and the Yankees. His two living sons are both MLB pitchers.

Dead of multiple myeloma.

6,500 points to teams #41, #50

January 11, 2019    Shirley Boone

Shirley's dad was Red Foley, a big-time country singer back in the day. She married Pat Boone at age 19 before he became popular. Though Shirley tried to become a recording artist, she was, of course, never as successful as Pat. She founded the hunger-relief Christian ministry called Mercy Corps.

Dead of complications from vasculitis.

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