The competition is stiff
2019 Jackpot
  • 1st:  $696
  • 2nd:  $290
  • 3rd:  $174

Here are the distinguished volunteers who blew away in March. Teams 6 and 35 leap into a tie for 5th place, but no changes to order or scores of those previously in the top half-dozen or so. On the plus side, 4 more teams hit the scoreboard - and with the biggies who've bitten it in the last few weeks, there should be a lot more next time.

Thanks to those of you coaches who report your non-scoring deaths. The staff greatly appreciates it. And, as always, if someone finds a qualifying obit after we've given said celeb a big fat zero, we will overturn the decision (but it has to be a real qualifier, according to the Rules. No trying to pass off notices, please and thank you. Finally, the photo technical glitch has been fixed, and we did add the photos from the previous update to the Deaths page.

Maury Laws dead 3/28 (no qualifying obit) - 0 points to team 1!

W.S. Merwin dead 3/15 - 10,000 points to team 16!

Nancy Gates dead 3/14 (no qualifying obit) - 0 points to team 20!

Hal Blaine dead 3/11 - 10,000 points to team 35!

Carolee Schneemann dead 3/6 - 10,000 points to team 6!

Ogden Reid dead 3/2 - 10,000 points to team 32!

Mike Willessee dead 3/1 - 10,000 points to team 27!

Henry Tseng dead 2/27 - 10,000 points to team 31!

Muriel Pavlow dead 1/19 (no qualifying obits) - 0 points to team 20!

We aren't dead... Yet.
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