The Eternal Rest Fest
2018 Jackpot
  • 1st:  $636
  • 2nd:  $265
  • 3rd:  $159

Step right up, coaches and fans, and take a look at the lovely, unblemished sheen of the 2018 Chart! Sixty teams have endeavored to win this thing, as compared to 61 in 2017. Not bad.

Yes, we're ready to start the next 365 days of perpetual gratitude that is Cash4Cadavers. As we do so, the C4C staff would like to:

Welcome our new coaches! You've come to the right place.

Welcome back our returning coaches, you intrepid die-hards.

Thank our long-suffering Tech Staff, who keeps us all on track.

And thank Alex, who founded C4C and continues to fund the platforms we rely on.

With all that mush out of the way, then, let's get down to our important business:

Seriously, Coaches, go to the Chart and check your rosters. Make sure we've got the right volunteers (i.e., if you played Billy Graham, no waffling if Superstar Billy Graham beats the Reverend to it). If you find errors, please report 'em ASAP.

The prize money is tied directly to the number of teams who've paid. As we're still waiting on a few to ante up, you'll see the amounts rise; it's really not an error on our part.

Last year, y'all racked up 130 scoring deaths and 21 non-scoring deaths, which was way more than in 2016. Can we maintain this trajectory?  Watch for our irregular updates and see. We've already got (at least) 2 scoring deaths, but those will have to wait until you've reported any errors and the staff takes a much-needed few days away.

We aren't dead... Yet.
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