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2017 Jackpot
  • 1st:  $732
  • 2nd:  $305
  • 3rd:  $183

It looked like June was a pretty barren month until we sent the intern through the Chart to see whether any volunteers had snuck past us so far this year. So far, we've found 5 non-scoring deaths in June alone, plus a few more from earlier in the year. Those will be duly reported in future updates.

This update takes us halfway through June. Team 42 added to its lead and one more team joined the ranks of the scoring, but otherwise, little change to the standings. What can you expect when there's only 4 scoring deaths in early June? And if you've not been paying attention, July's going to be worse....

Bill Dana dead 6/15 - 10,000 points to team 5!

Hansel dead 6/13 (no qualifying obits) - 0 points to team 35!

Errol Christie dead 6/11 (no qualifying obits) - 0 points to team 32!

Adam West dead 6/9 - 10,000 points to team 26!

Roger Smith dead 6/4 - 10,000 points to team 42!

Peter Sallis dead 6/2 - 10,000 points to team 46!

Anthony Conti dead 1/29 (no qualifying obits) - 0 points to team 1!

Huda Salih Mahdi Ammash dead 11/13/2016 - 0 points to team 3!

We aren't dead... Yet.
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