Cheering them on at the finish line
2022 Jackpot
  • 1st:  $552
  • 2nd:  $230
  • 3rd:  $138

All 2022 volunteers have been checked and, in some cases, extensively searched (insert a trademarked name that's become a verb instead). The impressive final top 3 teams are:

1st - team #21, Death March, with a whopping 99,000 points and 14 deaths. That's a record!

2nd - team #28, These Fear Mongrels, with 73,000 points and 9 deaths.

3rd - team #31, House of Soon To Be With The Lord, also with 73,000 points but with 8 deaths. 

The Rules state that ties are broken by the number of deaths, so sorry about that, #31. A valiant effort.

Several other teams are close to the top 3, and a couple of those have non-qualifying corpses on their rosters. Before anyone gets upset, the staff has already searched through the "Dirty Dozen" of C4C qualifying sources for each of those obituaries and found none. Therefore, the scores above are final. Not negotiable. Finito.

This is the last C4C News posted under the current management. Keep C4C bookmarked, though, because changes may be afoot.

We aren't dead... Yet.
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